Wanting to trying something new

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By Hailey Andresen. And to be honest, my own key to finding joy has been keeping it simple and slightly shaking up my routine. One of the benefits of doing all of this with kids at home?

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It gives a natural structure to my days. Over the last couple months I have made an effort to listen to a new song, album or playlist every day.

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That being said, the online workout space has blown up over the last few months and there is so much to choose from. The kitchen has absolutely been my sanctuary through this. Trying something new with my hands and taste buds has absolutely added some variation to our days at home.

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We shared some inspiring prompts to help guide you through this trying time at the end of March and I have to admit that even as a writer, prompts like these have been especially helpful these days. Answer a new prompt each day to get yourself thinking in a different way and to remember this wild time. This has forced us to be creative and try new things at home. An audio book would work here too!

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Anyone else watching that daily screen time average go up and up and up? I highly recommend choosing an hour a day — I prefer first thing in the morning or last thing before bed to disconnect from it all.

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If you feel like you need a break — take one! Initially, my anxiety made it difficult to sit down and read when this all started, but since this has become the somewhat new normal I have been trying to make it more of a priority. It feels like the one of the only forms of entertainment that is completely COVID free and a true break. If you need motivation, get a couple friends together and start an online book club!

Here are a few ways we switch up the standard video chat or phone call. It may sound like a lot, but this connection is so important through these times and has given us social events to look forward to. Hang in there friends! Hailey Andresen. Shop Recipes. Mind Leave a Reply Cancel.

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Wanting to trying something new

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Move Beyond the Familiar: Try Something New