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Jump to Skip. On November 4, the Supreme Court heard a case that could allow private agencies that receive taxpayer-funding to provide government services — such as foster care providers, food banks, homeless shelters, and more — to deny services to people who are LGBTQ, Jewish, Muslim, or Mormon. Philadelphia informed the agencies that it would no longer refer children to them unless they agreed to comply with nondiscrimination requirements that are part of all foster care agency contracts.

One of the agencies agreed to do so. The other, Catholic Social Services CSSsued the city, claiming the Constitution gives it the right to opt out of the nondiscrimination requirement. Philadelphia continues to contract with CSS for other foster care services, including case management services and operating group homes, where CSS is willing to comply with all contract requirements.

The Court heard argument on November 4. The last of these was struck down in As these outright bans were struck down, those opposed to LGBTQ equality have increasingly sought a far-reaching constitutional to discriminate in the name of religion. Over 1, people ed friend-of-the-court briefs in opposition to this request, including multiple child Sex in Philadelphia sc groups, religious organizations, former foster youth, and nearly half of states and dozens of cities and mayors. Fulton v. City of Philadelphia.

Updated: July 20, Facebook Twitter Reddit Print. Supreme Court Case Status: Decided. Religion is Not A to Discriminate. Legal Documents Supreme Court U. Reply Brief of Catholic Social Services. Amicus Brief of Voice for Adoption et al. Childrens Rights et al. Annie E Casey Foundation et al. Lutheran Family Services of Illinios. Cook County Public Guardian. Historians of Child Welfare. Indian Law Professors. Prospective Foster Parents. FosterClub and Former Foster Youth. Anti-Defamation League et al. Freedom from Religion Foundation et al.

American Atheists. Miguel Diaz, Sex in Philadelphia sc al. Amicus Brief of The Episcopal Church et al. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Local Governments, Mayors, and U. Conference of Mayors. National League of Cities et al. Republican Lawmakers. First Amendment Scholars. Alan Brownstein, et al Religous Liberty Scholars. Prof Ira C. Lupu et al. Church-State Scholars. Legal Scholars in Support of Equality. Lawrence Sager.

Scholars of the Constitutional Rights and Interests of Children. American Bar Association. New York State Bar Association. American Psychological Association et al. Modern Military Association of America. Richard C. Brief from Respondent City of Philadelphia. Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Bruderhof, United Sikhs. Christian Legal Society, World Vision and others. Coalition for Jewish Values, et al. Concerned Women for America et al. Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and a of other religious higher education institutions. Current and Former State Legislators.

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Edwin Meese. Fifteen Pennsylvania State Senators. First Liberty Institute. Foundation for Moral Law. General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Generation Justice. Great Lakes Justice Center. Institute for Faith and Family. Jewish Coalition for Religious Liberty. Life Legal Defense Foundation. National Association of Evangelicals. National Right to Work Legal Foundation. New Civil Liberties Alliance.

New Hope Family Services Inc et al. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Rutherford Institute. United States. Eugene Volokh. Brief of Petitioner Catholic Social Services. Brief of Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence. Brief of Foundation for Moral Law. Brief of Jewish Coalition for Religious Liberty. Brief of Members of Congress. Brief of State of Texas et al. Reply for Petitioners.

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City Respondents' Brief in Opposition. Intervenors Brief in Opposition.

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Petition for Writ of Certiorari. Appellants Reply Brief. Faith Leaders Amicus Brief. Family Equality Council Amicus Brief. Americans United Amicus Brief. States' Amicus Brief. ADL et al Amicus Brief. Children's Rights Inc Amicus Brief. Church state scholars Amicus Brief. Voice for Adoption et al Amicus Brief. Intervenors Brief Supporting the City of Philadelphia. Reply Brief from City of Philadelphia.

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Alliance Defending Freedom, et al. Former Foster Children and Foster Parents. Appellants Opening Brief. Appellees' Response in Opposition. Appellants' Reply in Support. Order Denying Emergency Motion. Notice of Appeal. Respondents' Response in Opposition. Order Granting Motion to Intervene. Motion for Preliminary Injunction. Defendants' Response in Opposition to Preliminary Injunction. Intervenors' Response in Opposition to Preliminary Injunction. Order Denying Preliminary Injunction.

Sex in Philadelphia sc

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