Seeking tease denial

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This story illustrates my most recent tease, denial, and cuckold fantasy told from the woman's point of view. If you dislike stories where the women are strong and dominant and the men serve and are submissive, then go find another story to read and criticize. As I reflect on the last two years, I realize that I'm lucky to have a man in my life that loves and worships me, and a man in my life that provides me with plenty of sexual pleasure.

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Two years ago, I thought I was queen of the world. I had a nice apartment in Philadelphia. During the day, I was a dutiful, mousy legal assistant. At night, I teased the men I met, either in clubs or online.

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I enjoyed teasing men and having men serve me. It wasn't too hard to find men willing to serve me. I'm attractive, and their willingness to serve me was how I determined which men I would spend time with. The service could be simple and unobtrusive, like a man lighting my cigarette, opening a door for me, or pulling out a chair for me. The service could be more complicated. Other men, men I had more of a relationship with, would escort me to clubs or parties. I would make my escort stay near me and watch me flirt. My escort was supposed to remain silent unless I aled for him to interrupt my flirting and make an excuse for why we had to leave.

I would al if some man got too forward or aggressive with me. I not only teased my escort with my flirting, but I usually had the opportunity to Seeking tease denial several other men over the course of the evening. The smoking and drinking helped me lose my inhibitions and relax.

I flirted with any man I wanted. My low-cut dress usually kept his attention. Most of the time, if he was a good boy, I would go home with my escort as his reward. If one of the men I'd flirted with was interesting enough, sometimes I would go home with him.

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If he was dominant, I would submit to what he wanted. It was relaxing, in that he directed the sexual activities and I could just let myself go and be swept up in the euphoric feelings. If the man was more submissive, he would usually expect me to direct more of the bedroom activities. I would wind up on top of him, thrusting on his cock while he squeezed my breasts and played with my nipples. I enjoyed controlling the sensations in my nipples and pussy, deciding when and how often I wanted to orgasm. I would get angry if he came before I was finished, and insist he rub my nipples while I satisfied myself with my hand.

Even with my work and all the flirting and sexual activity going on in my life, I felt like something was missing. Now, as I'm writing this, I understand what was missing, but two years ago, I felt I was in control of my life.

I wasn't. I felt empty, locked in the role that I created for myself, and didn't know what or how to change. I Seeking tease denial looking through the Collarme. I received lots of messages through my profile on Collarme. The men either wanted to serve me and fuck me, or they just wanted to fuck me. Rather than wait for interesting men to contact me, I looked through the profiles for interesting men. After all, I was a sensual domme, right? I came across the profile of a switch man, and I did a double take. It was detailed, yet left a lot to the imagination.

It was obvious that he had given some thought to his desires. It expressed the next level of tease, at least for me at the time. My fingers pressed against my clit while I read his desires over and over. Seeking Tease and Denial I'm looking for a woman that enjoys sexually teasing a man and enjoys sexually denying him even more. I'm seeking a live-in girlfriend to tease and torment me with her body. I'm looking for a woman that would enjoy having a human sex toy to help her orgasm as much as she wants, as many times as she wants, while limiting my orgasms.

I'm looking for a woman that would enjoy locking up my cock, as well as restraining me at other times. I enjoy being bound and brought to the edge of orgasm several times before my cock is locked up for the night. I have a preference for a casual or social smoker. I'm not looking to act out a one-time fantasy. I'm not looking to meet with a woman every so often, or be her boy toy. I'm looking for a woman that would enjoy tease and denial for an extended period of time. I'm looking for a sensual dominant. I enjoy being bound and teased by a woman.

I would expect a dominant woman to be interested in various types of dominating, and she can have other play partners. She can also have other sexual partners, as I am interested in being cuckolded. I looked at his profile picture. He looked rather plain, but then again, I wasn't planning to spend a lot of time looking at him. I checked out where he lived. I didn't recognize the town, but a Yahoo maps query let me know he lived about two hours away. I looked at his age. Damn, Oh well, it was a fun fantasy while it lasted. The distance would have made it difficult to get together, but the age difference made it impossible.

I shivered thinking about being sexual with someone that much older than me. That night, sometime after I'd gone to sleep, I had a vivid dream. I woke myself up pinching my nipples. In the dream, I Seeking tease denial lying on the bed while my sexual servant was eating my pussy. His face matched the face of the older man from Collarme. I recognized his body as the body of the last man I slept with. I took out my Hitachi Magic Wand and held it against Seeking tease denial clit as I thought about how nice it would be to have a sexual servant.

I fanaticized about a nice twenty-something stud wanting nothing more than to satisfy me sexually as I vibrated myself to a couple of satisfying orgasms. I fell asleep again, exhausted and content. The next couple of weeks were a blur of emotions. Public teasing no longer satisfied me.

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I felt like Eve after she'd eaten the apple. I knew now that there was more to teasing than displaying the top of my breasts, much more. I wanted a sexual servant to tease, but I wasn't willing to contact the man that introduced me to the idea. I figured I would introduce the idea to the men I had grown close to. I picked George, the Seeking tease denial submissive man I knew, to tell first. He was very interested when I called him and asked him to come over. I poured a glass of Sutter Home Moscato for the both of us, and sat down next to him.

After a little small talk, and some hesitation, I blurted out that I wanted to tease his cock for a while, have him eat my pussy, and leave. I wanted him to sexually satisfy me and not expect anything sexual in return. I wasn't surprised at the shocked look on his face.

He let my request flow Seeking tease denial his mind for a few moments, before he looked at me and slowly shook his head, no. I couldn't blame him, really. We'd had sex many times before, and I'm sure he was anticipating sex with me tonight. I took him into the bedroom, and tried to hide my disappointment as we cuddled and kissed.

I let him pull me up on my hands and knees, get behind me, and pound my pussy with his cock. Steve laughed in my face when I asked him to sexually service me. I was so embarrassed that I ran into the bedroom, closed the door, and flung myself on the bed crying. He was enough of a gentleman to let himself out of my apartment.

I dreaded asking any of the other men I knew. A week passed before I got the courage to ask Rick to be my sexual servant. His reaction was similar to George's. After we went to bed and kissed and cuddled for a while, he insisted on pounding my pussy in the missionary position. He held me down on the bed and took what he wanted from me.

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Even though we'd had pleasurable sex many times in the past, I felt violated when he finally came and rolled off me. I spent two sleepless nights before I decided that I would have to contact the Collarme. I felt defeated as I typed the following message to him. I read your profile with interest.

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You sound exactly like what I'm looking for. I am curious, though.

Seeking tease denial

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Male sub seeking tease/denial and eventual permanent chastity