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An example of an alliance is when a some neighbors start talking, and decide to form a group to work towards building a safe community. An example of an alliance is two teenage girls who are best friends and let nothing come between them. An example of an alliance is when two people who are new to a job bond together and hang out. An example of an alliance is a treaty ed by countries once a war is over, and serves as an agreement to work together in the future.

Matrimonial alliances; an alliance between church and state, or between two countries. Meanwhile the king had formed an alliance with Henry VII. By the tension between the two, their alliance was brittle at best. Subsequently, however, they entered into an allianceand ravaged the sea-board of Attica.

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So far the party has refrained from formal alliance with the other great parties of the state. It is not quite easy to see why he abandoned this successful policy in order to hasten on a war with Sparta, and neither the Corcyrean alliance nor the Megarian decree seems justified by the facts as known to us, though commercial motives may have played a part which we cannot now gauge. Filters 0. Words form: alliances. See word origin.

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The definition of an alliance is a relationship forged between two or more individuals or groups that works as a positive for both parties involved. An allying or being allied; specif. A close association for a common objective, as of nations, political parties, etc. Close similarity in nature or type; affinity. The ancient alliance between mathematics and music.

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The act of becoming allied or the condition of being allied. The church, acting in alliance with community groups.

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The countries, groups, etc. Similarity or relationship in characteristics, structure, etc. The agreement made for such an association. Origin of alliance. Middle English from Old French aliance from alier to ally ally. Alliance Sentence Examples. Related articles. Words near alliance in the Dictionary.

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