Couples meet in texas.

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Their tales of true love are sweet, funny, and sometimes quirky — and always a Couples meet in texas. hit among our readers. This year we received a record of submissions! Congrats to the following winning couples:. If you missed the opportunity to submit, please your story, in words or less, to editor blueribbonnews.

My husband David and I met in We were both in downtown Dallas at a restaurant called Enchiladas. David was having lunch with about 25 guys from work, and I was having lunch with my cousin. As soon as I walked in, I spotted him in the middle of the table. My cousin and I went and sat down at our table. My cousin and I finished our meal, and got up to leave. As we left, I looked at David and he and I locked eyes as I walked out of the restaurant. I knew I had to meet him. I hid around the corner and watched him. All the guys at his table were trying to look, but he was very private about it, which is totally his personality.

He looked up and had the best smile. A few days later, he called me, and we went on our first date. I was 20 years old, and I knew he was older than me I later found out he was 30so I brought my cousin same cousin as before along. Which was probably a dead give away that I was young. We all hung out for a little while, and then once I felt safe, my cousin left. From then on, he and I were inseparable for about 3 years. He and I sadly broke up a couple of times for short periods. But I always stayed in his sight. We have three beautiful sons. Every day I count my blessings that I found my one true love!

Norman and I met at church. Norman was my pastor and he was attracted to me, but he was scared to ask me out on a date. Norman decided to go to my parents to see if it was ok to ask me out on a date. We dated for two years before marriage. Norman and I say that to maintain a long-lasting marriage is to do a lot of praying and trusting the Lord.

We had a family of six including ourselves and Couples meet in texas. children — two boys and two girls. Norman chose to be a pastor, because God called him on it, but he always wanted to be a mechanic because he was good at it. We are so much in love! Do we always agree? We love each other so much! Submitted by Carolyn Patton.

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I met my husband Josh when I picked up a shift in the ER. Who knew I would work with the most handsome medical student. Fast forward six months later, LUCK was on our side. On St. We recognized each other instantly. He had an extra ticket to a spring training baseball game for the next day with his mom and Aunt and asked if I would like to.

Who knew first dates with his family could be so much fun!? We went on an official date a week later. We have lived all across the country but decided to make Rockwall our home. With a Cuervo t-shirt over my shoulder from a Couples meet in texas. I had just won, I waded through the crowd looking for my friends to show off my hard-earned prize. She and her friend laughed. We talked and danced a bit and then they decided to turn in before the hour drive the next day. She was able to produce an Ice Breakers gum wrapper from her pocket.

I borrowed a pen from someone, wrote the on the gum wrapper and returned the pen. Two of our kids were born overseas and the third in Austin. Through it all, I still have that Cuervo shirt, the Ice Breakers wrapper, and the love of my life. I was 14 at the time and he was He asked me to go on a date. So after my 15th birthday, Nov. He drove a Mustang.

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So did I! A few dates later, Jimmy graduated and shipped out ing the Navy in the summer of I was young, continued to date others. When he was back home on a leave near ThanksgivingJimmy took me out to his parents lake house at Lake Cherokee outside of Longview. He made a cozy fire outside. Then to my surprise, he pulled out a ring box! I was barely 17, about to graduate inand wanted to get a college degree to become a Kindergarten teacher.

Although hesitant, I made a Facebook as a way to stay informed. I accepted, and my friends assisted me in writing a personal message to Jimmy on Messenger. We learned a lot about each other and that we had a lot in common: we both lived in Rockwall only four miles apart! We met for coffee on April 10, I had an identical one given to me during my childhood by an elderly woman in Longview, Texas.

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He told me his was given to him when he was a small boy by his grandmother from Bullard TylerTexas. This symbol, which we believed to be from God above, was a real, divine message — we were meant to be together … again! We will soon celebrate our first wedding anniversary! Ashleigh and I met in San Francisco while working in the technology business. Ashleigh is more of a city girl from Mesquite, got an Electrical Engineering degree from UT Austin and after graduation moved to Silicon Valley for work in January In true Texas fashion, we met at a happy hour… A guy was new to town and asked some people to help set up a happy hour to expand his network.

Ashleigh and I got invited. I told her it was nice to have met her and walk off. A couple of weeks later, I saw her at another happy hour and avoided her. Fast forward to December. I rented a house with some friends in Lake Tahoe Couples meet in texas. the ski season. Of course, Ashleigh jumps in the front seat.

Be a man and suck it up. We got engaged a year later and were married a year after that on May 26, We moved back to Texas in We have two kids Skylar 11 and Connor 8. We had a lot of fun in California and many great memories, but Texas is home. Submitted by Shane Hollas.

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Our story starts back in February of — the first winter Jason and I enjoyed together. We were snowed in for days like a state up north. Our connection started with a phone call to me from a mutual friend. I remember those words like it was yesterday. Seven years later, three adult children, five grandkids, a few businesses, a church, ministry, and first-time homeownership together shows that I ate my words!

My friend was persistent, and her persistence won. I told her to give Jason my and sent a Couples meet in texas. to send to him. We spoke for the first time on April 10th,had our first date at The Harbor in Rockwall not knowing this would be our home and the place God would have us plant Gathering on The Rock Churchthen were married by July 3rd, From that moment on, we became best friends.

Submitted by Lakisha Moore. In the summer ofI was 29 years old and playing golf in Richardson with a fellow coach from Berkner High School. I was asked if I was ever gonna get married. We were on a portion of the course that was adjacent to Spring Park Riding Stables.

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I had asked the wife of one of my teammates, Becky an ant to be on the lookout for a possible match I might be interested in. Then one night following a game, Becky brought a young lady with her to watch the game. The introduction was made, but coaching high school football leaves little time for dating and two-a-days was in full swing.

September rolled around and one of my History students delivered a message that Beth had told her to say hey. I called to ask her out and she accepted. You just know. Beth said yes and on November 14, we celebrated 39 years of marriage. A week before my husband Marvin met me, he had sworn off finding a woman, unless God literally pushed her into his life. I tried being the bad guy, but it only lasted a few days.

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I had dated several bad guys and was over trying to be Florence Nightingale. I had even seen a therapist to break my habit of trying to heal broken, dangerous boys. I arrived in Commerce armed with a literal check-list of qualities a guy had to have before I would even agree to a first date.

We met in a field dubbed Pikeland, where college kids would go to drink. Not my kind of place, but I felt like I was supposed to stay. I was new and trying to make friends.

Couples meet in texas.

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